Show your preference to Access over Ownership

Make interesting connections by Lending and Borrowing. Give Away things that you don't need anymore.

LIST them. Your neighbours will have a need for them.

Earn money by renting out things you don't use all the time. Discover the earning potential of things you use once in a while

LIST them. Your neighbours will have a need for them.

You have things of value but of little use - Sell them. You want things which you could use but a new one is way too expensive - Buy them

LIST them. Your neighbours could want them

In the virtual world all of us are neighbours. Let necessity define our neighbourhood.


Use our Review and Rating system, to check the credibiiltiy of other members and the condition of products that you may want to rent or borrow.


Provide the bare minimum about yourself, and still get the most out of neighbourbase. You have total control over the information you share, and you always will.


We connect you with people around your neighbourhood. You never have to move too far to get something you want.

neighbourbase Privacy Promise extends to Private Networks.

Create your own hyperlocal neighbourhood sharing community through neighbourbase.

Aceess to these Networks is by Invitation only

All listings are Private to the network.

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